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Equipment Relocation

Omni Imaging has relocated x-ray systems for practice that range from orthopaedic surgery to podiatry. These projects involved moving equipment within an office to interstate relocations. Most of the time we are called in very early in the process because of the wide range of services we offer. The following is an outline of a typical relocation process. If you do not need all of the following, you can pick and choose which services you want us to perform.



Omni Imaging often assist with planning the new x-ray facility taking into consideration workflow and regulatory requirements. We can meet with you and your architect or contractor to discuss the room layout and the various structural, utility, and radiation safety requirements for the new facility that will utilize the equipment being moved. We will work with you to plan the date and time of the move based on your schedule to have the new facility operating.


Drawings and specifications

If needed, Omni’s personnel can prepare a room layout that includes detailed construction specifications needed for the equipment and a radiation shielding evaluation that can be used as a submission to most regulatory agencies. We will meet with you and your architect or contractor to explain the specific specifications for the new x-ray facility. During the build out, we normally perform one or more site visits to check the progress of the job and to answer any questions about the specifications that may arise.


Pre-move inspection, meeting and equipment check out

As the actual move date approaches, Omni will visit the new site to determine if the x-ray area is ready for the equipment. We will meet with you to finalize the specific date and time for the move. We will work with you to help arrange for any specific requirements for the move such as furnishing certificates of insurance, special parking requirements for moving vehicles, reserving elevators, etc. Because most existing equipment must be inspected after relocation, we will check the operation of the equipment to assure that is in proper working order before the move. We will advise you of any problems that need to be resolved.


Actual relocation

On the day of the relocation, Omni’s personnel will de-install the equipment from the present location and transport it to the new location. It will be re-assembled and installed in accordance with your local regulatory requirements. Once installed, we will perform quality assurance procedures to check the operation of the equipment. At the end of the project we will prepare the required regulatory forms that you and Omni need to sub



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