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Quality Assurance

X-Ray Department Quality Assurance Programs

Governmental regulations for required maintenance and repair of x-ray equipment have become much more stringent. For example, facilities in the State of Maryland are now required to have annual maintenance on their x-ray equipment performed by a service provider registered with the State of Maryland. Fines will be assessed on facilities failing to have this annual maintenance. In addition, the State of Maryland’s new policy on periodic inspections is as follows: “If any violations are cited at a facility, even if they are corrected, the facility will receive a monetary penalty.” Under prior Maryland regulations, a fine would not normally be imposed if required repairs were completed within a 10-day grace period. Some service providers consider annual maintenance to consist of taking a few exposures, lubricating moving parts, checking connections, and other fairly simple tasks. Our annual maintenance includes a great deal more. When we are finished, you will receive a multi-page report of the work done, test results, recommendations and comments.


The following is a partial list of the work that Omni Imaging will perform:


Administrative/Facility Documentation:

  • Check for an adequate technique chart
  • Check for technique factors indicated at the control panel
  • Check log of human holders
  • Verify personnel monitoring and records from past 3 months

Radiation Machine Data:

  • Collimator operating properly
  • Beam Limitation
  • Light Field accuracy
  • SID (Source to Image Distance) indicator accuracy

Radiation Control Devices, Timers:

  • Timing Accuracy including Reproducibility
  • Exposure Linearity
  • kVp accuracy

Processing-Automatic Processors:

  • Processor transit time
  • Processor temperatures
  • Check for proper service log
  • Fog test for the darkroom

These are just a few of the checks that we perform during our Quality Assurance check up. At Omni Imaging we help our clients maintain their equipment to the high standards that your patients deserve. Our service engineers work in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., Delaware and parts of West Virginia.


Two important benefits of having Omni perform annual maintenance are:


1. Your equipment will be kept in top operating condition; this can provide the following results:

  • Limit patient exposure
  • Improve image quality
  • Minimize premature wear on components
  • Limit the number of retakes
  • Lessen disruptions to your practice

2. You will be more prepared for your state mandated inspection. In the event an inspector cites your facility, we will work with you and the inspector to resolve any issues. Please contact us about a X-Ray Preventative Maintenance Program for your equipment. You can call us at 866-692-1033 or you can send an email to info@omniimaging.com.



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