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Film Processors

As film is processed, by-products are released into the developer, fix and wash systems. These must be removed by regular cleaning. Most manufacturers recommend that this regular cleaning take place at least one a month.


Specific service requirements may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the following is an outline of the general procedures that are normally addressed during preventive maintenance service on a film processor (the sequence of steps may vary):

  • Open the drain valves, drain of the used developer, fixer and wash water; Allow the tanks and recirculation systems to drain completely.
  • Clean and rinse the replenishment hoses, tanks, pumps.
  • Remove, clean and inspect all racks.
  • Check the operation of all pumps.
  • Inspect for any leaks and tighten fittings if appropriate.
  • Lubricate parts, if needed.
  • Refill processor with fresh chemistry and water.
  • Verify that developer temperature is properly maintained.



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